Websites Audits & Reviews

Is your website working for you?

Had a new website built, or are you just struggling to get sales, seeing average orders fall or traffic slumping? We can conduct a situation analysis to see what the cause could be and put together a plan to help you change the fate of your business. 

Website Health Checks

Although we state else where on the site we dont offer free audits, this service is to offer a free health check.

Our website heath check results from almost a decade of building and reviewing websites. With this knowledge, we have developed a robust checklist of known problem areas and usual suspects that can cause performance issues. 

If you are looking for a full website audit, please contact us to see how we can help.

Your Website MOT

Our website MOTs offer quick insights into various areas that can make or break your site and online efforts. Although our free audits provide quick insights, we still turnover many stones to find the juicy nuggets that will help shift the needle. If you need a full audit, don’t hesitate to contact the team. 


User Experience & Conversion Analysis

Small changes in UX and CRO can significantly affect your bottom line. It also impacts all channels, not just organic.

Target audience research

Ranking Performance & SERP Analysis

Have many terms in the top 3 but do not see the traffic you expect, or struggling to rank content that used to rank well?

On page SEO services

Content Performance & Blog Review

You’ve been writing content for a while, but it doesn’t appear to be hitting the mark. Let’s take a look to see whats wrong.

Technical seo agency in swindon

Technical Audit & Core Web Vital Review

Fixing technical issues can impact many aspects of your site, from indexation to page speed and experience.

Implementation & Optimisation

We’ve done the audit; now what? We can help implement the recommendations to free you up to focus on your business.

Pay Monthly

Never miss a beat
£ 375 Monthly
  • Top 5 fixes highlighted in audit addressed each quarter*
  • Quarterly audits
  • Google Update Monitoring
  • Google Analytics & Data Studio Reporting
  • SEO Support
  • Uptime Monitoring

One-off Support

Getting you up to speed
£ 450 FROM
  • Fix highlighted opportunities from Free audit*

Frequently Asked Questions

Any. No website is off-limits. However, we do specialise in WordPress and Shopify.

We use GoCardless to handle the monthly payments, so it is a pain and hassle-free for both parties.

For one-off support, we will raise an invoice for 50% upfront, and the remaining is billed on completion. 

No work is carried out until initial payments are received.

Yes, we just ask for 30 working days’ notice. Once notice period is over we will supply a backlog of tasks for you to pass on to your next agency or internal team.

All the elements listed above will be reviewed. However, we will only focus on the top-level known pain points and provide a report of the results and the next steps.

No, our audits are focused on on-site elements.

Yes, we offer a 10% discount each month for each business you refer* – up to 50%.

Or a 10% referral fee for businesses who use our one-off service*

Yes, all of our findings are in reported plain English so you will be able to make the changes/brief your developer’s yourselves. 

However, why waste your time doing these things when you can pay us to do such things?

Let's dive into your website